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  1. JQuery /OAS/ Flash interstitial ad

    June 10, 2009 by pfranzen

    For those of you familiar with OAS (open ad stream) you know it can a be a bit of pain to work with / troubleshoot / hack.  SO for your benefit I’m posting a little code snippet. This combines JQuery with the OAS tracking tags and some basic flash to build an interstitial ad. Downlad here: interstitial

  2. Simple, JQuery select all check box

    June 9, 2009 by pfranzen

    Seriously, this is a snippet that should be out there, jeez:

    function selectAllChecks(){
    if( $(this).attr('checked') == true ){
    $(':checkbox:not(this)').attr('checked', true);
    $(':checkbox:not(this)').attr('checked', false);

    }); //end document.ready function

    Obviously, you want your select all checkbox to have an id of “selectAll”