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  1. Mantis Shrimp

    December 6, 2008 by pfranzen

    Ok, when I think: spectacular killing machine, the term shrimp doesn’t exactly fly into my head but I stumbled across this: The Magnificent, Ultraviolent, Far-Seeing Shrimp From Mars

    “They’re enchantingly violent,” he said in an affectionate, almost paternal tone. “They catch other animals by either spearing it through the heart or smashing it to pieces. Unlike most predators that grab prey, these pummel it and destroy it. When they interact with each other over a burrow, they use their armored front appendages and smash each other on the face. Whenever they get into any type of situation, they smash things. You can’t pick these up. They’re really great animals to have around.

    Cool (also proving, once again, I’m a ten-year old).